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"The Croft was like being a family without being family ... You are starting again. You are starting afresh and you could be who you wanted to be"

"Good memories, good memories, It was what I needed... I mean I dread to think what might have happened to me if there wasn't the The Croft at the time "

"It was a very good environment, in particular for the time when having a baby as a single parent you were very much a second class citizen and looked down on."

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Stories of people who worked at The Croft
Stories of people who worked at The Croft

Maria Dabrowska
I wasn’t ambitious for a career but I was really ambitious to make things better for people. To make their lives better and to give them the opportunity to make things better. ... Listen >>
Ruth I Johns
The Croft project has been and is very worthwhile. For me, it has been wonderful to meet people not seen for so many years and also new friends ... I am sure the project will have some far reaching (and as yet unknowable) outcomes. ... Listen >>