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"It was a very good environment, in particular for the time when having a baby as a single parent you were very much a second class citizen and looked down on."

"Good memories, good memories, It was what I needed... I mean I dread to think what might have happened to me if there wasn't the The Croft at the time "

"The Croft was like being a family without being family ... You are starting again. You are starting afresh and you could be who you wanted to be"

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Stories of Mothers who lived at The Croft

Featuring audio clips from full length Oral History interviews with women who lived at The Croft for any length of time between 1969 and 1973, or who were connected with The Croft through working, volunteering, visiting or living in another Family First property within the same street.

Interviews were carried out in 2012 by a team of trained volunteers.

I was aware that it was a wrong thing to do being a single mother and that it it had a stigma. I didn't feel it very consciously, I didn't care... Listen >>
I didn't know which way the baby was going to come out. Do they cut you open? What?... Listen >>
If I hadn't been in The Croft ... I wouldn't have done the things I did; I wouldn't have gone to study... Listen >>
He was a mistake but the best mistake I’ve ever made, yes. Without a doubt, yes.... Listen >>
Lesley (Lee)
This gave me this little oasis of time and security so I could sort myself out and start living again... Listen >>
I always say that was one of the nicest times of my life really, because I had support and ... we were more in control... Listen >>
The thing I do think was positive, was my time at the Croft ... even though it was the most negative time of my life.... Listen >>
I think with hindsight I now realise how lucky I was being in that environment and having that support that I didn’t think I needed ... Listen >>
I looked at her most of the night, I could not take my eyes off her. I just fell in love with her, yes. It’s a beautiful, absolutely beautiful feeling. ... Listen >>
I felt positive and I didn’t feel anything when I was pushing my baby down the street ... I just felt proud with my little baby in the pram ... Listen >>